Recyling in Oconee County

Recycle Centers or ConvenienceCenter are positioned throughout the county (see link to map below) and are designed to be collection points for household trash and recylables only. Large items, construction materials, old appliances, yard waste, etc. should be taken to the Solid Waste location.

Recycling is obviously an environentally friendly thing to do AND it helps reduces the amount of trash that finds its way into Lake Keowee.

Map of Convenience Center locations

Solid Waste Location: 15028 Wells Hwy, Seneca, SC 29678; (864) 888-1440

Recyclable Brochure

2017 Holiday Schedule


Lake Buoys

Individuals are not allowed to place buoys in Lake Keowee.

Only the SCDNR has the authority to place buoys. Removal of all buoys not placed on Lake Keowee by SCDNR has been completed by SCDNR. The total number of buoys removed was 130; 26 removed by owners. There are approximately 106 DNR-placed buoys on Lake Keowee.

This saga began in October 2014 when FOLKS started receiving telephone calls and e-mails that someone was out removing buoys. At first Duke Energy was accused, but a quick telephone call cleared that up. Duke was not collecting buoys! The next call was to the Clemson DNR office, and we learned that DNR headquarters had determined there were a very significant number of illegally-placed buoys on the waters under DNR jurisdiction and they were being removed.

The SC statute allows buoys to be placed only to mark hazards and at the inlet and outlet of residential and commercial marinas. SC Code (50-21-710, Section-B) states: No City, County, or person shall mark or obstruct the waters of this State in any manner so as to endanger the operation of watercraft or conflict with the marking system prescribed by the department (i.e., SCDNR).

If you have and questions please call the DNR Law Enforcement Investigation Section at (843) 953-9379.


Lake Keowee Drought Management

As part of the Keowee-Toxaway hydro relicensing process, a partnership was created to address water use by large water users and entities with water intakes. This group developed a protocol with procedures for reductions in water use during periods of low inflow.

For more infomation, visit Duke Energy's Drought Management Adivory Group website.


Keowee-Toxaway Relicensing

Federal Energy Regulation Commission Relicensing Agreement for Keowee-Toxaway with Duke Energy, August, 2016.

Learn more about Duke Energy's implementation of the Keowee-Toxaway Relicensing Agreement.

Savannah Basin

Savannah River Basin

Archive: Warpath

Warpath Landing

There was a proposed development at Warpath Landing in Pickens County in 2006. FOLKS had serious concerns about the impact of this development on Lake Keowee. The development stalled due to legal issues and a once imposed completion deadline of December, 2015 is long passed. It is unclear whether this proposed development will ever resurface.

There are achival documents about FOLKS position and the process at FOLKS business office. If you would like more information, please contact the office.